Undergraduate Courses

Political Science 127: Race, Gender, and Politics
          University of California, Merced,  Spring 2017 

Teaching Assistant

Political Science 001: Intro to American Politics
          University of California, Merced,  Fall 2013

Political Science 10: Understanding Political Controversy
          University of California, Merced,  Fall 2015
          University of California, Merced,  Spring 2015

Political Science 100: Congressional Politics
          University of California, Merced,  Summer 2016

Political Science 105: Introduction to International Relations
          University of California, Merced,  Fall 2014

Political Science 111: Liberty, Equality, and the Constitution
          University of California, Merced,  Summer 2016

Political Science 165: International Organizations
          University of California, Merced,  Spring 2014

Economics 10: Statistical Inference
          University of California, Merced,  Spring 2016

Economics 100: Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis
          University of California, Merced,  Fall 2016